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Client Review
I had the pleasure of working with Leo Krymkier when I started my business. He assisted me in establishing the legal entity, took care of all the necessary steps. Thanks to his help, the process was smooth and cost effective. I look forward to continuing relying on his expertise as my business grows.
Client Review
 Leo took care of all the legal and administrative steps in order to launch my business in Kansas. His bi-cultural competence and network has been a great help to make my american experience a success.
Client Review

Leo Krymkier is committed to providing the very best advice to his clients. Working with him and his firm is a great and positive experience. 

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- Hervé, CEO / Founder of a specialty bar in Manhattan

- Cécile, CEO of a cosmetics consulting company

- Fabrice, CEO / Founder of a home furnishing company in New York

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